Milan – A fairy tale from Design to Panettone

Milan – Duomo & Design


Of course the most famous building of Milan is where our tour has to start: the Duomo. And yes, it is definitely impressive to stand in front of this masterpiece of architecture. Walking around there is even so  much more to discover: the gallery Vittorio Emanuele, a must for all fashion victims, the green lung of Milan, Parco Sempione, that is also the home of the Triennale Design Museum, the Arco della Pace and the Castello Sforzesco. You can easily spent a day not getting enough from this incredible city and its Italian style.

Let’s start discovering the beauty of the city center…

Milan – Aside the typical tourist routes

Milan is more than Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. So, let’s jump into the tram and let’s discover it. We will visit the the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio with its two bell towers, relax at the Parco delle Basiliche, a lovely green treasure, and discover the new built quarter of Porta Nuova, one of the main business districts of Milan.

Here we go…

Panettone, brioche & Risotto alla Milanese

baked baked goods baking blur

Milan is inevitably linked to being a capital of fashion. The food, from Panettone to Brioche or Risotto Milanese is worth a separate chapter as well.

So how do Milanese start their day? What make the famous Risotto alla Milanese so unique? And where is the delicious Christmas Cake, Panettone, coming from?

Get to know more about the typical, lovely Milanese food…

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