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Fruity? Enjoy an orange-vanilla-tarte with fresh thyme

Are you in favor of a taste explosion? And you love experimenting with fruits and herbs? Well, most likely you already tried the combination of strawberries and mint or tangerine with cinnamon… So would do you think about fruity, fresh oranges with a flavor of vanilla and thyme on a crunchy dough? It’s really worth to try it 🙂

Click here to have a look at my recipe in 3 easy steps.

Roses? Apple roses!


There’s definitely a fruit that tastes all year round: apples!

Apples, originated in Central Asia, have been grown for thousands of years. In many cultures, they have religious and mythological significance: just think about the forbidden fruit of garden Eden.

Click here to find my loved recipe!

Spring time is Strawberry time


Imagine a lovely sweet aroma, a bright red color and juicy texture – simply a fruit you just can’t get enough from. For me these are strawberries. Every year when they appear at the markets and supermarket shelves they are catching my eyes and set my heart aflutter.

Check out my easy strawberry cake recipe!

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