Calabria – Italy’s beauty in the South

Calabria – an inspiring day trip across the back country of Capo Vaticano

Back to the roots? Our day across the countryside of Capo Vaticano was definitely one of the most inspiring and exciting trips in Calabria. Waking up early we took our car and ‘climbed’ the hills towards the densely wooded plateau.  Far away from the hustle and bustle of Tropea we first stopped  at the small village of Zungri. We learned how to make pottery and how to do basket-weaving, visited a little local shop with incredible jams, went down to the rock caves of Monte Poro and baked our own pizza together with Senora Anna.

Explore yourself the beauty of the countryside & handicraft.

Calabria – Canoeing & mushrooms at the green heart of Sila


2000 km2 covers the high plateau of Sila, the green heart of Calabria. Since the ancient times, this beautiful landscape owns its name that reflects its fortune of forests. In the 1920 a couple of water reservoirs had been built like the Lago Ampollino or the Lago di Cecita. A great experience is to do a canoeing tour at Lago Arvo – it’s such a peaceful and fantastic experience to take your own canoe and paddle across the lake. Hungry after some sports? Stop at one of the streetmarkets along the roads and take some of the Sila mushrooms with you. Forget about pasta, pizza and risotto. When you made it to visit Sila, you have to try  the local mushrooms – This region is really a mushroom heaven.

Find out more about a great trip to the high plateau Sila.

Calabria – Wine and Middle Age architecture along the East Coast

Uncountable olive trees,  lovely wineyards and middle age architechture shape the fascinating landscape of Marchesato around Crotone. Already the ancient Greeks called this region ‘Oinotaria’ – wineland. Another must have is the impressive Castello Aragonese, built on a sandstone island.

Ready to visit?


Calabria – my  most favorite places for enjoying traditional food

One of the things I always want to explore during holidays is the local food. Not the one you can get at the typical touristic places, no, I like to find the small restaurants you can usually find at B locations, a little sideways and a couple of steps away from the big sights. The places where local people go, where ‘mama’ and ‘segnora’ are cooking your food using ingredients from local farmers or fishermen or even their own gardens. The places where you can feel the tradition, the spirit, the lifestyle of the people you’re visiting.

Here are my Top 5 I discovered during my roundtrip across Italy’s beautiful South: Calabria!

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