Tallinn – books, galleries & museums


Tallinn’s affinity for books, design and art already hit me when I stepped out of the plane. I was walking across the terminal and became totally surprised to see a library with lounge furniture, gates designed like a pub or a huge interactive map of Estonia. I almost had a feeling like relaxing at home.

And so it continued like the ‘central theme’ along the whole city. At almost every restaurant or hotel you could find a corner with books. No matter at which narrow street I was walking I saw a gallery or a museum. From modern art, porcelain, special jewelry and furniture to simplistic, clean clothes everything could be found.

If you’re coming a bit outside the old town and walk in the Western direction along the coastal line you’ll see a big old hanger. Now this is the home of the Eesti Meremuuseum , the Estonian Maritime Museum at Lennusadam. Of course you can discover everything from ships to fishing or the steam-driven icebreaker Suur Töll. What impressed me personally was the hanger itself – by its own already a ‘design piece’.


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