Tallinn – food? Excellent food!


Hapukapsasupp, Kali, Kama and Kilud are just a few typical Estonian dishes belonging to a cross over kitchen between Russian, German and Scandinavian with its own character. Traditionally farmer families were eating a lot of fish, rutabaga, cereals and brown bread. Many folksy dishes like aspic, sauerkraut or black pudding survived until today.


If you’re loving sweets like I do, you definitely have to try Kaneelirullid – the famous cinnamon rolls.

At the Rotermann City, you can find a bakery called RØST. There you can watch the bakers preparing the fresh stuff while you enjoy your extremely delicious cinnamon rolls or bread that just came out of the oven.


After every corner there seems to be an incredible restaurant

Tallinn is a small city, but its cuisine is great. It is full of fancy restaurants. Especially the old town has got many places that are worth discovering, serving pure and crisp flavored dishes.

My favorite ones are:

Leib: new Estonian cuisine, simple and inventive with an excellent wine menu. During summer time you can sit outside in a lovely, cozy garden right in the old town.

Ribe: one of the top 10 restaurants in Estonia since it opened ten years ago, combining classic with trendy cuisine and offering a generous selection of wines and craft beers.

R14: wine, wine and once again wine in a cool, recently renovated industrial building at the Rotermann Quarter.

Would you think about delicious ice-cream when thinking of Tallinn?

IMG_20180520_221113_761Nowadays: I do! There are two really great places in Tallinn where you can get delicious ice-cream in every variation you can imagine:

The Cortile, located in a small and cozy narrow street at Toompea – they also have an amazing cheese cake 🙂

Gelato Ladies, located at the old town. You really have to try their hazelnut one.




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