Roses? Apple roses!

There’s definitely a fruit that tastes all year round: apples!

Apples, originated in Central Asia, have been grown for thousands of years. In many cultures, they have religious and mythological significance: just think about the forbidden fruit of garden Eden.

Today, about 85 million tons of these delicious fruits are produces every year, nearly half of it coming from China.

Even though they are mainly eaten raw, apples are also an important ingredient in sweets: famous examples are the toffee apple in the UK, candy apples in the US or the apples with honey eaten at the Jewish New Year to symbolize a sweet new year.


My ‘apple roses’ recipe:

Cut puff pastry into stripes of 4cm (you can easily by a pre-made one at the supermarket), put a cinnamon-sugar-amaretto mix on top as well as 2mm thick apple slices, roll it together and put it for 20 minutes into the oven. Ready to enjoy! 😊

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